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Water Storage Systems

SARG offers a full line of underground tanks ranging in size from a 4,000 gallon polyethylene OcTank system to the largest standard individual fiberglass vessel at 75,000 gallons. If space is limited or terrain is difficult, multiple tanks can be installed to increase total water storage volume or create a more desirable footprint. Underground water storage tanks can be made of the following materials:

  • Modular
  • Concrete Pre-cast
  • Plastic/Poly
  • Fiberglass

About Underground Water Tanks

To install underground tanks, a hole is dug and the tank is placed below ground level. Water flows through an input pipe and into the top of the underground tank. Before the water enters into the tanks it passes through a screen that filters out any leaves or other debris. The water rises until it reaches the top of the overflow pipe, located in the middle of the tank. Once the underground tank is full, the extra water flows into the overflow pipe and out to a designated area on your property. All underground tanks utilize a submersible pump to pump water out of the tank. Underground water tank storage capacity ranges from 130 to 2800 gallons.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of underground water tanks for your rainwater harvesting needs.

Please Note: While SARG does sell parts compatible with underground water harvesting systems, installation is not a service we can provide.