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Steel Culvert Cisterns

Above Ground Metal Water Tanks

SARG Water Solutions is proud to offer a wide variety of the highest quality corrugated metal water tanks for rainwater harvesting, and install them on site. Standard sizes are 750 gallon, 1000 gallon and 1680 gallon, and custom sizes are also available. In addition, offer premade steel cisterns with built-in bases and tops that can quickly be set in place. Call for prices and sizes.

About Metal Water Tanks

Corrugated steel water tanks are designed to be an aesthetically pleasing and cost effective water storage solution that can help you enjoy the benefits of rainwater harvesting. Corrugated steel has nine (9) times the tensile strength of flat steel and is superior in resistance to compressive loads. Corrugated tanks are the preferred choice to store groundwater for household uses, irrigation and fire protection. These tanks are for above-ground rainwater harvesting and storage capacity ranges from 400 to 1680 gallons. Metal water tanks are a good rainwater harvesting systems for both residential and commercial applications.

How Corrugated Steel Cisterns Work

As the diagram shows, with steel culvert cisterns the rainwater runs off your roof, down through your rain gutter system, through an input pipe and into the bottom of the cistern. The water rises until it reaches the top of the overflow pipe, located in the middle of the cistern.

Once the tank is full, the extra water flows into the overflow pipe and out to a designated area on your property. To clean the tank you simply open the clean out valve and drain the tank. Once the tank is drained you can use a hose to spray out the inside of the tank and wash out any debris or sediment that has collected. Close the valve and the cistern is ready to collect more water. To utilize the water that is in the tank you simply connect a garden hose to the output hose bib just as you would to an outside faucet.

Contact us for pricing and for more information about the benefits of metal cisterns for your rainwater harvesting needs.

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