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Above Ground Plastic Water Tanks

Plastic Water Storage Tanks for Rainwater Harvesting

About Plastic Water Tanks

Plastic above ground water tanks are constructed of rotational-molded high quality polyethylene to assure maximum strength, and can be placed on any level ground surface. The walls are molded in one piece and horizontal ribs are formed around the tanks to provide extra wall strength. Plastic above ground tanks are offered in capacities ranging from approximately 100 U.S. gallons to 2800 U.S. gallons. A selection of colors is offered and the tanks are UV stabilized to prevent color fading.

How Plastic Water Tanks Work

With our above ground plastic tanks water runs through your rain gutter system and is directed into the top of the tank. Before the water enters into the tanks it passes through a screen that filters out any leaves or other debris. Once the tank is full, excess water flows out of the overflow pipe on the side of the tank. This pipe is also protect by a screen to prevent mosquitoes or debris from entering your stored water. To utilize the water that is in the tank you simply connect a garden hose to the output hose bib just as you would to an outside faucet. Above ground plastic tank storage capacity ranges from 130 to 2800 gallons.

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